My old pal, Tony, has been living in South Korea for a few years now, and we’ve kept up to date chatting on IM regularly.  Occasionally, he’s mentioned starting a blog about his band, G-Jay, and his recording techniques.  A couple of weeks ago he came good on his promise and is now blogging furiously.

And it’s brilliant.  Tony’s an avid student of sound engineering, mixing and recording and his enthusiasm shines through his prose.  It’s really infectious and makes me ashamed of my warbling and ham-fisted strumming into my laptop’s built-in mic.

G-Jay’s first record, Self-titled, was a gem, even if it was a rough one.  The next sounds like it’s going to be a 100-carat diamond.

I’ll be following the progress of its recording here, and thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in playing or recording (or even listening to) music.

By Kenny Park

Kenny Park, pro video editor in Avid and Final Cut for over a decade.