Blog Starts Anew!

This is the first post of the blog.  Anyone who’s been to before may disagree, but it’s my blog and I’m telling you: this is the first post.

No longer do we have the epic tale of my 2006 Worldcon, my musings on Rocky VI, Monty the dog in his infancy or diatribes against DRM.

Nope, this is the first post.  Why?  Let’s just say that when you don’t pay your hosting fees, they get medieval on your MySQL databases.

Now the Worldcon stuff was originally hosted on Apple’s servers, and I spent many an hour laboriously transferring the words and pictures to this site.  No one looked at it, so I’m not going to bother this time.  This time I’m just going to pretend this is the first post.

So there.

Welcome to my “new” blog.

By Kenny Park

Kenny Park, pro video editor in Avid and Final Cut for over a decade.