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Lately, I find I am skint.  Because of this, and because I have little else to do with my slavers of free time, I have given some thought to how to get unskint.  Here’s an idea that applies to me and may apply to you:

An Amazon wish list.

Wait!  Wait!  Click not away just yet.  Thinkest thou, ’tis likely, that it is the mighty Amazon what we must thank for that idea.  Or perhaps they pinched it, but it certainly wasn’t the noble scribe of this most unfairly unread blog.  Correct you are, but the problem with the Amazon wish list is that it’s a bit limited in that what you’re wishing for has to be on Amazon.  Sure, a great many things are available on Amazon, but not the kind of stuff that I tend to impulse-buy.

Case in point: this very day I came across the Open Rights Group via an upcoming event from the sickeningly talented Neil Gaiman.  My first impulse was to join the group as a supporter, but, alas, the whole skint thing.  Still £10 a month isn’t too much, surely.  More importantly, it’s the kind of thing I’d forget about if I didn’t do it, like, immediately.

So I’m making my own wish list.  I’m going to post it here, too, so anyone who has more cash than sense can buy me stuff (without obligating me to do anything, of course).

Only, I’m not calling it a wish list, as that’s a marketing ploy to make you think that clicking Add to Basket is the same as Make Wish Come True.  Nope, mine is simply a To Buy list.  And the ORG are on it.  And so it the nice man who make the plugin that automatically upgrades my WordPress.

Feel free to make one yourself (and send me a thank-you donation, if you have any decency).

By Kenny Park

Kenny Park, pro video editor in Avid and Final Cut for over a decade.