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Lost my homepage.  It used to be a pointless cluttering of the web, but it used to work.  Alas, now it’s a handy way to bring up a 404 error.

Here’s me apologising in person:

Daily Talk 49: Out of Site

Thing is, trying to fix it resulted in my completely losing this blog for a while.  Essentially, my index file (I presume) was trying to direct to a sub-directory that to my knowledge has never existed.  I tried deleting and replacing it, to no avail.  Curiously, this happened in Firefox and not in Safari.  I then started to wonder if Apple’s iWeb was to blame.  To cut a long story less-long, I started mucking around with my DNS settings directly, despite this warning on my host’s site that seems written especially for me:

To make matters worse, when I realised that I had screwed things up, and put things back to the way they had been as far as I could remember, I faced the fact that deleting CNAMEs seems to have instant effect, whereby re-instating them takes hours.  So although everything looked okay, no blog.

Finally, it reappeared, but at the time I was just thinking, ‘to hell with it, I obviously wasn’t meant to blog.’

I’m back, though, and aren’t you glad?

By Kenny Park

Kenny Park, pro video editor in Avid and Final Cut for over a decade.

2 replies on “Site Unseen”

Ouch, that sounds nasty. Messing with DNS is generally a Bad Idea, really, unless you’re absolutely sure of what you’re doing. If you ever need help with webby stuff in future, feel free to give me a shout though.

Thanks, Raj. And thanks for being the first to comment on the “new” blog. I’ll try not to delete it.

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