Here‘s the trailer for Dreamworks’ upcoming film, Monsters vs. Aliens.  Didn’t think much of the synopsis, but the trailer genuinely made me lol.

What is it with me lately?  I’m supposed to be a serious film buff, and here I have going gooey over commercial fluff.  I’ll justify it with the following: I’ll keep a record of how good I think films look and compare it to the films when I see them.  It’s really an exploration of how misleading trailers can be, I guess.

Case in point: I thought the latest Indiana Jones movie was utterly terrible, and when I think back to the trailers, I realise that I thought they were a bit shit too.  And still, when I went to the first screening, five past midnight on Thursday morning, I was looking forward to it and expecting it to be good.

So all this is to find out if I should have more faith in trailers.  Stay tuned…

By Kenny Park

Kenny Park, pro video editor in Avid and Final Cut for over a decade.