New Year, New Endeavours

Hiya, Folks!  Happy New Year to you all.

Been a while, but I feel rather refreshed after the holidays.  It was actually quite hectic, galloping between my parents’, my in-laws’, my friends’ pads and keeping Monty walked the whole time (with the help of my mum).  Nevertheless, the absence of work work deflated the balloon of stress quite noticably.

I’m still behind on a great many things, but I’m approaching 2009 with a sense of optimism.  My plan is to return to the avoidance of alcohol on weeknights that I flirted with briefly last year.  Total abstinence has failed miserably more than once, so I think this is a good compromise that precludes feelings of missing out, and yet cuts down on the one thing in my life that eats all my cash and piles on the carbs and calories.  Hopefully it’ll also uncloud my mind, keep me more focused on running the Cage while allowing me to catch up on my unfinished projects.

(I should admit that this is the first weekday of the new year that I’ve actually managed to abstain, but, like I say, I’m optimistic.)

As for YouTube, I haven’t posted a video in a while, and I’ve begun to wonder what the channel is really for.  Like everything else in my life towards the end of last year, it lost focus and my drive dissolved.  The last video was really an ad for one of the Cage’s clients, and it really made me question what I should serve my subscribers considering none of them subbed thinking I’d be hocking them stuff.  My initial thought is to tie the channel and the blog together more, maybe start a video blog/podcast that directly compliments the prose blog.  My business partner has also suggested linking the blog more directly with the Cage.  I can see the potential for cross-polination, and it would give the Cage a personal touch, but I worry that I’ll censor myself so as not to have my daft opinions mistaken for genuine Cage policy.  This blog has little enough point already without me curtailing my own freedom.  No firm decisions yet, though.

So we’ll see how things go, and I’ll record all for posterity here (until I skip a hosting bill and have it all deleted again).

By Kenny Park

Kenny Park, pro video editor in Avid and Final Cut for over a decade.