Checking my stats today I found that someone came to this blog via a simple search for one of the most ubiquitous words on the internet. Doing the same search, I found that my humble blog was, indeed, on the first page of the results.

So how could this mostly unread and ignored corner of t’internet end up in such a prominent position within Google’s Great Map of the Web?  Simple: through the awesome power of misspelling!  In this case Wikepedia instead of Wikipedia.  The typo directed the poor soul (who’s from Aldershot, apparently) to this post on George Clinton.

Now I’d normally go back and edit a spelling mistake having had it pointed out to me.  This is to better maintain my image as a wordsmith of at least average skill.  This time, however, I will leave the error in place in the hope of luring more unfortunate users into my den of sub-standard english.

Aha, aha, ahahahaha!


By Kenny Park

Kenny Park, pro video editor in Avid and Final Cut for over a decade.