editing Work

Pastures of Plenty

There are always, it seems, several edit jobs on at once.  The idea of seeing one to finality before embarking on another is naïve, at least when you own a production company where you are the sole editor on staff.

Of the three music videos we have produced in recent weeks, the first (which was finanised over a week ago) required attention this morning: a broadcast master needed to be produced.  In the Cage we can master to DVCAM, HDV or in any conceivable file format; when it comes to the venerable DigiBeta tape format, we must enlist the help of either an equipment hire company, such as the ever-reliable Progressive, or post facility like M8.  Today, we used the latter.

Editing is also finished on the second video, for Alto Elite’s Walk Away, but final delivery awaits, and the third remains to be approved by the band themselves, so further editing is still a possibility.

During all this, a making-of documentary for the DVD of an upcoming feature film takes shape.  Of that I will say little at the moment, in the way of specifics.

All the while,  new projects are appearing in our diary with increasing frequency.  It is up to us now to finish them to our high standards as quickly as they are arising.  This is a good position to be in.

By Kenny Park

Kenny Park, pro video editor in Avid and Final Cut for over a decade.