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Final Cut Pro X 10.2: New Masks

The new mask capabilities of FCPX in 10.2 were immediately a godsend: the video I was working on at the time immediately benefitted, and in that respect it was as helpful as the arrival of Libraries in 10.1. (Ripple Training have a great overview of the new masking features.)

The video was this little campaign message for my local Green Party candidate, Moira Crawford:


I knew when I filmed Moira that the porch behind her would blow out, but as each set-up was locked-off, I could film some under-exposed footage to mask in.

Moira Crawford underexposed
Under-exposed shot for the benefit of the porch background


Whereas earlier versions of FCPX were limited to a four-point mask (unless you installed 3rd-party plug-ins), I could now mask out the window and play with this shot underneath.

Comparison between final comp and unaffected footage of Moira
Comparison between final comp and unaffected footage of Moira


Whether or not you like my grade (I made it quite flat to distinguish it from the B-roll, which was quite contrasty), it’s surely an objective fact that the porch blowing-out wasn’t ideal.

Previously, I’d have either done a less satisfactory mask in FCPX, or sent everything to Motion, which is a pain.

These enhancements to the default masking capabilities are most, most welcome.



By Kenny Park

Kenny Park, pro video editor in Avid and Final Cut for over a decade.

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