Life is Strange 2 on Feminist Frequency

Despite Life is Strange 2 ultimately leaving a sour taste in the mouth, I’m indebted to Feminist Frequency Radio for introducing me to the series. I thought I’d collect links to their episodes on the subject here. Edit 2020-04-27_1126: changed the first sentence to reflect my ultimate disappointment with Life is Strange […]


It’s about time to pick up my daughter from nursery, but I’m not going to. In my defence, she’s on an outing, so she’s not there to pick up, but try telling my gut that. I have that dreadful sinking feeling that I’m neglecting something really important. My every fibre knows it’s time to pick […]

I’ll definitely read Bercow’s memoir

Can’t wait for this. A tell-all, indiscreet account of recent UK politics from Brexit-celeb and incendiary Speaker of the House, John Bercow? Oh, yes, please. Anything that helps make sense of Parliament, to be honest, and I think it’ll be a barnstormer. I’ve got this list too, also from the Guardian, of books that might […]

Deleting Social Media Accounts

I just finished Jaron Lanier’s book, Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now, and I found it so convincing, that I deleted my Twitter accounts immediately. Everyone knows they sell your data, but Lanier goes further and explains how, purely in the name of ‘engagement’ with advertising, the algorithms engage in massive-scale […]