“I’m not a shill, I’m a human being!” or History of an Unread Blog

A reader on Boing Boing going by the name of loraksus accused me of being an EA shill for the post on Spore’s DRM.  While I admire the diligence in rooting out potential shills, I can’t let the accusation pass. Part of the ‘evidence’ was how recently the first post on this blog was made.  […]

Spore DRM controversy too one sided?

Anyone who knows me (or read the old blog before my host deleted it) knows I hate DRM.  I read with interest, then, about the backlash against the heavily-anticipated Will Wright game Spore thanks to EA’s use of DRM.  As many of my friends have been raving about Spore and using its online creature designer […]

My TV ads for Glasgow and Edinburgh radio stations

I recently edited a commercial apiece for Clyde One and Forth One, Glasgow and Edinburgh radio stations respectively.  Like the Leprosy ads, I can’t see the ads on the stations’ official sites for some mysterious reason.  The Drum has Photobucket versions here, but I don’t know how long they’re going to be around (and the […]

My TV spots for ‘Get Randomised’

I recently edited some TV spots for a campaign to raise awareness of randmised clinical trials.  They were shown across Scotland with each region having its own version.  Here they are: Get Randomised: Aberdeen Get Randomised: Dundee Get Randomised: Edinburgh Get Randomised: Glasgow Get Randomised: 10 second spot

Time and Trouble: a rant against MS Windows which yealds a potentially important philosophical tenet

I had to use Microsoft Windows today.  I had to transfer a file onto a USB flash drive.  Within seconds I was grinding my teeth, within the first minute I was literally shaking my fist (try it, it is therapeutic) and within the second minute I was shouting at everyone who walked past. The thing: […]

Site Unseen

Lost my homepage.  It used to be a pointless cluttering of the web, but it used to work.  Alas, now it’s a handy way to bring up a 404 error. Here’s me apologising in person: Daily Talk 49: Out of Site Thing is, trying to fix it resulted in my completely losing this blog for […]

Nullriver losing on Netshare, but winning on MediaLink

(Update 4th Oct ’08: I had some friends over again and finally paid Nullriver for the code.  Only thing: I couldn’t then get it to work.  Then, this morning, without me doing anything, it works (and works beautifully).  I’ll have to invite people over again.  In the meantime, I’m sitting in my living room writing […]