macOS Sierra Counts in a Human Way. Oh, no!

While working in Final Cut Pro X tonight, I noticed something: it was arranging my Events in the correct order, even though the first difference in their names (from left to right) were numbers, and some of those numbers had two digits. I’ve always written numbers in a list with leading zeros to make sure […]

Bow to the Audience

My favourite living musician and recording artist is Prince. I’ll allow that if you don’t like him, you probably really don’t like him. That’s because he’s really good. Not a middle of the road, demographic-studying slave to shifting units. He is a businessman of remarkable savvy and boldness—he does know how to shift units—but he […]

For the love of God, can we kill interlaced?

In my day, my young ’uns, faster frame rates than the usual 23.97, 24, 25 and 29.97 frame rates were only useful if you wanted smooth slow motion. With Peter Jackson boldly using 48 frames per second for The Hobbit, the idea that they could be used as a playback option has a good chance […]

Serious Multicam problem in FCPX 10.0.4

Multicam may have been implemented in Final Cut Pro X, version 10.0.3, and improved in 10.0.4, but working on a show that’s destined to be broadcast to License payers, I found it’s led to a new problem that could mean the loss of an awful lot of work. Of course, back-ups were also introduced at […]

Lucas on retirement and personal blockbusters

The New York Times magazine has this excellent article by Bryan Curtis on George Lucas. I’ve long been an apologist for fan of the Star Wars prequels, and I remember taking a sceptical friend to the world’s first six-movie marathon in Leicester Square the day Revenge of the Sith had its London premier. Upon emerging […]

Brussels II: ManneKen-Pis(sed?)

Despite the late night, Brussels beckoned on the morning of our first full day. One of the deciding factors in choosing the Scandic Grand Place was its inclusive buffet breakfast, at which we could shamelessly stuff our bellies to save money on food later. So stuffed, we trotted out into Bruxelles, data-less on our phones […]

Brussels I: Half the Fun

In normal circumstances, I have no time for superstitions. Wives’ tales, folklore and religions can be fascinating, and perhaps offer skewed glimpses at deeper truths buried in our animal psychés, but in my opinion, you’ve got to be a certifiable nut to believe them at face value. Enjoy them, why not? Believe them, why? All […]