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There’s a truism in the world of copyright and media piracy: you can’t compete with free. Thing is, though, you can.

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Reading Along

Since updating to OS X 10.6.6 and having available the new Mac App Store, I have acquired yet another book app: Amazon’s Kindle for Mac. There have been, and are, others, none of which have the killer function that I look for in an eReader.

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“Press ‘Play’ on that one, and ‘Record’ on that one.”

I heard someone say it today at STV.  It about sums up the best of my childhood, that.  From copying a rental edition of Empire Strikes Back (later paying for it twice on VHS and again on DVD, not to mention the cinema tickets for the re-release) to making mix tapes to impress a girl, […]

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The UK has the final stretch of Battlestar Galactica

UPDATE:  I have discovered that this post is mostly bollocks, because Sky have been showing the new episodes in this country for weeks (in fact, just four days after the US broadcast).  Shows what I know.  I’m leaving it up, though, firstly because I feel simply deleting it will be dishonest regarding my ignorance, and […]

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Where are the new liner notes?

Last month I took up a free trial of eMusic.  This is a service where you pay monthly for an allotted amount of music and audiobook downloads (they don’t carry over, btw).  The files are free of DRM and end up quite inexpensive.  I don’t know how good the deal is for the artists, but […]

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“I’m not a shill, I’m a human being!” or History of an Unread Blog

A reader on Boing Boing going by the name of loraksus accused me of being an EA shill for the post on Spore’s DRM.  While I admire the diligence in rooting out potential shills, I can’t let the accusation pass. Part of the ‘evidence’ was how recently the first post on this blog was made.  […]


Spore DRM controversy too one sided?

Anyone who knows me (or read the old blog before my host deleted it) knows I hate DRM.  I read with interest, then, about the backlash against the heavily-anticipated Will Wright game Spore thanks to EA’s use of DRM.  As many of my friends have been raving about Spore and using its online creature designer […]