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Daily Talk 62: Tired

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“Press ‘Play’ on that one, and ‘Record’ on that one.”

I heard someone say it today at STV.  It about sums up the best of my childhood, that.  From copying a rental edition of Empire Strikes Back (later paying for it twice on VHS and again on DVD, not to mention the cinema tickets for the re-release) to making mix tapes to impress a girl, […]

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And the Oscar goes to… Meryl Streep for Margo MacDonald! [Cue applause.]

In short, she’s the kind of gutsy, down-to-earth, yet highly intelligent heroine who gives Julia Roberts or Meryl Streep the chance to win Oscars. She cuts through the bull as a matter of course and can smell the shite in anyone else’s argument a mile away.

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Susan Boyle & the Twitter patter of tiny tweets

A few weeks ago I spent a long weekend editing a programme for STV called, Susan Boyle: Two Weeks That Shook Show Business.  I’ll assume you know who Susan Boyle is.  The programme was to play on the Bank Holiday Monday, dividing the double episode of Coronation Street and going up against East Enders on […]

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Pastures of Plenty

There are always, it seems, several edit jobs on at once.  The idea of seeing one to finality before embarking on another is naïve, at least when you own a production company where you are the sole editor on staff. Of the three music videos we have produced in recent weeks, the first (which was […]

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3D editing: first sensible comment

John Scalzi commented on his blog last Sunday that the problem with the editing in a 3D film like Coraline is that the eye must refocus. I’m dying to see if 3D can become more than a novelty this time around, mostly because I’d love to see how the language of film will change to […]