Voting for the Tories

I’m watching the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham and it got me thinking. The attendees love the Tory party, and not because they’re crazy. They’ve benefited from their Tory-led council, they’ve been let down (with the rest of the UK) by their Labour government, and they will vote Conservative at the next general election with […]

The Raga Man calls me a ‘jerk.’ can find 6155 anagrams for Kenneth James Park. My favourite two are Khan Japes Trek Men: and Thane Spank Jerk Me, which you’ll forgive me if I don’t illustrate. The troubling thing is if you scan down the list, you’ll see that 2599 anagrams contain the word, ‘jerk.’  That’s 42%.  Well, at least I’m […]

“I’m not a shill, I’m a human being!” or History of an Unread Blog

A reader on Boing Boing going by the name of loraksus accused me of being an EA shill for the post on Spore’s DRM.  While I admire the diligence in rooting out potential shills, I can’t let the accusation pass. Part of the ‘evidence’ was how recently the first post on this blog was made.  […]

Site Unseen

Lost my homepage.  It used to be a pointless cluttering of the web, but it used to work.  Alas, now it’s a handy way to bring up a 404 error. Here’s me apologising in person: Daily Talk 49: Out of Site Thing is, trying to fix it resulted in my completely losing this blog for […]

Nullriver losing on Netshare, but winning on MediaLink

(Update 4th Oct ’08: I had some friends over again and finally paid Nullriver for the code.  Only thing: I couldn’t then get it to work.  Then, this morning, without me doing anything, it works (and works beautifully).  I’ll have to invite people over again.  In the meantime, I’m sitting in my living room writing […]