Everyone’s a critic

Here are the Amazon DVD reviews of one Mr. M. E. B. Woods “markbernard1981” (Bristol, UK).  There are three of them and they warmed my cockles. Some choice observations (apply a sic to everything): From Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot: “Stalone thinks he’s hard cos he plays a cop who doesn’t play by the […]

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Bye-bye, Shrook, as I buy Byline

When the free version of an app becomes one of the few that you use every day without fail, it’s time to shell out the £2.99 for the full version. Despite good reviews, I balked at the price initially because of its relative highness {{1}} and the fact that I knew how soul destroying an […]

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Reading Along

Since updating to OS X 10.6.6 and having available the new Mac App Store, I have acquired yet another book app: Amazon’s Kindle for Mac. There have been, and are, others, none of which have the killer function that I look for in an eReader.

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Brussels II: ManneKen-Pis(sed?)

Despite the late night, Brussels beckoned on the morning of our first full day. One of the deciding factors in choosing the Scandic Grand Place was its inclusive buffet breakfast, at which we could shamelessly stuff our bellies to save money on food later. So stuffed, we trotted out into Bruxelles, data-less on our phones […]

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Tweet Me Right

Last week I heard in the news that Twitter had bought Tweetie and turned it into their official client. “Tweetie…” thought I, “is that one I’ve tried?” Like most people, I found the idea of Twitter, when explained to me, thoroughly uninspiring. I believe it was this post by the legendary Wil Wheaton that convinced […]

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“Press ‘Play’ on that one, and ‘Record’ on that one.”

I heard someone say it today at STV.  It about sums up the best of my childhood, that.  From copying a rental edition of Empire Strikes Back (later paying for it twice on VHS and again on DVD, not to mention the cinema tickets for the re-release) to making mix tapes to impress a girl, […]

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Coffee morning

We had our new coffee machine wake us up with a fresh pot this morning.  I’ve never been much of a coffee-drinker, but now I’m beginning to feel like I did when the family took its first foreign holiday (to Rimini, Italy) when I was fourteen or so and I discovered that I did like […]

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And the Oscar goes to… Meryl Streep for Margo MacDonald! [Cue applause.]

In short, she’s the kind of gutsy, down-to-earth, yet highly intelligent heroine who gives Julia Roberts or Meryl Streep the chance to win Oscars. She cuts through the bull as a matter of course and can smell the shite in anyone else’s argument a mile away.

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Absolutely, the Scottish sketch show, is just as brilliant as it once seemed to my teenage self, putting all modern examples to shame.

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iPhone, you phone, we all phone for iPhone!

The WordPress app for my phone never used to recognise this blog, and now it does. This pleases me, and to celebrate, I’m blogging directly from my phone for the first time. The problem, boredom-seekers, lay with my xmlrpc.php file. Understand that before installing the WordPress app, I had no idea what an xmlrpc.php file […]