My new religion and favourite Wikepedia article

I have ceased being an atheist.  I have decided to worship P-Funk. Earlier in the week I took up a free trial of eMusic, having been directed there by  My first purchase was Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain. Bit of history: when I was in my teens I discovered George Clinton’s 70s bands, Parliament and Funkadelic […]

New Postman Pat better than expected

The BBC recently unveiled an “updated” Postman Pat.  Some cried ‘Heresy!’, but having seen it I must admit to rather enjoying it.  Especially now his van talks back to him and he carries a gun.  See what you think: New Postman PatUploaded by Kenny_Park

Voting for the Tories

I’m watching the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham and it got me thinking. The attendees love the Tory party, and not because they’re crazy. They’ve benefited from their Tory-led council, they’ve been let down (with the rest of the UK) by their Labour government, and they will vote Conservative at the next general election with […]

Nights and Weekends: best trailer I’ve seen in ages

The filmakers’ previous film was Hannah Takes the Stairs, which I haven’t seen.  Before this morning the names Joe Swanberg and Greta Gerwig meant nothing to me.  I’ve just seen, though, the trailer to their new film, Nights and Weekends. Now I’m no stranger to trailers.  Like everyone else, I’ve watched a few in my […]

Nullriver losing on Netshare, but winning on MediaLink

(Update 4th Oct ’08: I had some friends over again and finally paid Nullriver for the code.  Only thing: I couldn’t then get it to work.  Then, this morning, without me doing anything, it works (and works beautifully).  I’ll have to invite people over again.  In the meantime, I’m sitting in my living room writing […]