iPhone’s first real contender disqualifies itself (and breaks my heart all over again).

John Stokes of Ars Technica calls it, “the first non-iPhone-rip-off–iPhone-like device… They took what Apple did right on the iPhone and they just sorta stole that and then they made the rest better.”  He also agreed with Boing Boing Gadget‘s Joel Johnson when he suggested that it “made your iPhone look old and busted.” They […]

DRM Personal

“I’m not a shill, I’m a human being!” or History of an Unread Blog

A reader on Boing Boing going by the name of loraksus accused me of being an EA shill for the post on Spore’s DRM.  While I admire the diligence in rooting out potential shills, I can’t let the accusation pass. Part of the ‘evidence’ was how recently the first post on this blog was made.  […]