Dannsa Episode 3, the music

Dannsa hits Episode the Third with a trip to Taynuilt, near Oban. Well, relatively “near”: Taynuilt isn’t near anywhere, which is sort if the point of Ballet West. In idyllic surrounds, the ballet degree students have few distractions, other than the odd stag sticking his majestic head through the studio window to enjoy a rehearsal.

Dannsa Episode 1, the music

A new show TV started last Monday, 10pm on BBC Alba. It’s called Dannsa{{1}} [[1]]Gaelic for Dancing[[1]] and you’ll all be able to get it, because BBC Alba has just become available to anyone with Freeview. That’s you{{2}}[[2]]If you’re in the UK, that is.[[2]]. I recommend the show to you, because it’s rather good. I […]

My new religion and favourite Wikepedia article

I have ceased being an atheist.  I have decided to worship P-Funk. Earlier in the week I took up a free trial of eMusic, having been directed there by Pitchforkmedia.com.  My first purchase was Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain. Bit of history: when I was in my teens I discovered George Clinton’s 70s bands, Parliament and Funkadelic […]