The fact Wendy and Lisa weren’t huge, after they left Prince’s Revolution, makes me sad. It’s unjust.

Look at them on Top of the Pops. I just think they look great. Such style. Genuinely loving looks. Wonderful.

The release of the Deluxe box set of Prince’s Sign ☮️ the Times has given us, finally, many of those last collaborations. Prince knew how valuable they were, and I think fired them in part to reassert himself, so integral had they become to his work.

Their new label didn’t know what to do with them; neither did the public. I was always slightly disappointed that they aimed for chart success, when they’re greatest contribution to Prince had been to push him into weirder, more complex territory. Would they have had more success if they’d been less poppy? Don’t know.

They found a natural home scoring films and TV, so all’s well, but damn, when I see them promoting their first couple of albums in the 80s I just see a criminally under-appreciated act. Our loss.

By Kenny Park

Kenny Park, pro video editor in Avid and Final Cut for over a decade.